Press Pixels Site Background Slider

Site Background Slider for WordPress adds fullscreen image slideshows to your WordPress WebSite Background. Images are read from a specified folder,  a selection of 15 different texture effects can be overlaid onto the images and the transition time between images can also be set. Image order can also be shuffled and jQuery can also be disabled if required.

This Press Pixels WordPress Background Image Plugin has many uses, one of the primary functions being for example showing automatically rotating different product specific images, company logo layouts or even just different various minimal tiled colors with a texture. As the images are read from a folder, you can also just modify the folder image contents and your site background will update automatically.

Image Show Time and Fade Time can also both be set, your WordPress WebSite will display above the rotating images as shown here in this Background Slider Demo. This Free Press Pixels Background Slider Plugin can be downloaded direct from the release page.

Here are some useful control examples you can use in your website:
Pause | Play